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What is BerkshireLiveAid?

BerkshireLiveAid is an organisation devoted to raising money for good causes through live music events in Berkshire. It was first formed through discussions on the Berkshire Live Messageboard. Hence the name. The first event is to raise money for the Disaster Emergency Committee for their Tsunami relief and Sudan Emergency Appeals. It will take place at Chalvey Working Mens Club in Slough on the 5th March 2005 and feature 12 of the region's best unsigned live acts.

BerkshireLiveAid - 5th March 2005

Chalvey Working Mens Club
High St Chalvey,
SL1 2SQ map
Tel: 01753 522816.

Bands: Jamie Goddard, SixNationState, Punch Monkey, Desdemona, Matador, Five Second Hand Rule, Müf
!daft!, Three Litre, Vespertine, Rebus, School for the Gifted

Doors: 2pm, bands until midnight.
Entrance: £5 minimum charitable donation

In association with
josaka...supporting live music in Berkshire

Who is involved?

These are local people, young musicians with nothing more than a passion to play, all bands have offered their services without charge and all will earn nothing from this performance, they will however help to raise a substantial amount of money.

We have secured corporate sponsorship and are pleased to announce that the financial success of the gig will be doubled.

How can I help?

Please do your best to attend the day or part of it. Also, there is no money for adverts and high profile marketing, its all about word of mouth and musicians spirit, so please let all your contacts know about the event.

If you would like to contribute to the event then please contact Graeme Nash, Mike Hefferan or Rob Barbour.


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